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Talent is a top priority for all startups and existing organisations. Hvnter offers a way to partner with you through your entire recruiting process. We can find great candidates, conduct technical and non-technical focused interviews, reference check and more. Not only this but we also focus on employee wellness and the environmental impact your company is making and can work with you to improve things!

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Let’s really embrace flexible and remote working in NZ

6 top reasons why it’s better for everyone and 7 valid concerns to be addressed: I genuinely believe remote working as well as increased flexibility in the workplace is the way of the future. I was lucky enough to be given that opportunity at my previous employer and I believe it increased my work productivity

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Celebrating Success

This is a topic that I hope a few of you can resonate with. If I look back to my first placement in recruitment I was overjoyed. I am pretty sure I smiled from ear to ear all day and probably all week to be honest. I floated on that cloud for a good while

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